IDA KLAMBORN stands for a strong statement where the textiles and prints together with the details and finish creates a playful and elegant expression. Ida herself always talks about the importance of the relation between the clothes and the wearer, and how strong impact a garment can have both on the person in the clothes but also the surrounding.

Since the start the wearer of the IDA KLAMBORN clothes has been clearly stated, with streetcasted shows and photoshoots with girlfriends and familiars and interesting co labs with other female creators.
The IDA KLAMBORN universe is like an intriguing group of female friends with all their differences. The dynamic strength of playfull, serious, elegant, sexy.

THE WORK of Ida Klamborn is beautifully feminine but in a new and bold way, giving the woman who wears the designs a sense of a confidence and strength. The skill of designing clothes that are sexy but in a subtle way is fascinating. A priority for Ida when designing is to make women feel in charge of their own sexuality.